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Obama Care Signs Up Only 3 Percent Of Their Target

Much has been in the news these days about the catastrophic launch of the Obama Care website. There have been so many glitches that have derailed the much anticipated launch, but there is a much bigger problem than the Obama Care website, and that is Obama Care itself.  Only 3% of Americans have signed up for Obama Care since it opened for enrollment on October1st.  This low number in enrollment only ads to the negativity that seem to be surrounding the Obama Care.


The government had such high hopes and expected over 1 million people to enroll in Obama Care on the state level by the close of this year. With only about 45 days remaining Obama Care has only managed to sign up 49,000 Americans. Thus only 3% of Americans have enrolled in the 11 of the 14 states that made their own exchanges for individual insurance. In order for Obama Care to be financially afloat the administration needs to sign up more than 6.5 million Americans before March 31, 2014. The state run sign ups have had more people enroll because they have had less online problems while the federal exchange registration only had 6 sign up on the first day Obama Care debuted. Devastating news for Obama Care.


Federal vs. state exchanges

At first, Obama Care required every state to set up and regulate their own health care exchange but when most states declined to do so the federal exchange was established to give Americans in those 36 states, who declined, a place to enroll in Obama Care. The disastrous launch of the Obama Care website is one of the top news stories. Many state’s website launched weeks late and Oregon still has not signed up one person for Obama Care.  The very low state enrollment maybe a sign to come for Obama Care.


Low expectations

The Obama administration stated that they would release the federal exchange numbers this week showing how many individuals actually signed up for Obama Care. Most of the current indications forecast that these numbers will be dismal. A couple of states have leaked their numbers to the public.


North Carolina- one individual


Delaware- four individuals


District of Columbia- five individuals


Alaska- three individuals


The Obama administration blames the terrible website launch for the low numbers. The public just does not want to change what insurance they have if they do not need to.


Destined to fail?

Is Obama Care destined to fail? Is the current lack of enrollment and interest a sign of the future? Many of these currents factors help support the conclusion that Obama Care might fail:


- Not enough reasons to sign up


- High cost of premiums


- Lack of people enrolling


- Loss of patient’s primary doctors


- Cancellations of current health care plans


Coming across like a “socialized” health care


This week President Obama apologized for many Americans who lost their current health plan which he had stated previously that that would not happen due to Obama Care.  At this point the general public seems to have spoken loud and clear- few Americans are interested in Obama Care.


In the beginning Obama Care was set up to help provide health care to those individuals that are without coverage. The Obama administration estimated that over 14 percent of those uninsured Americans would sign up. Only 22% have actually signed up. In order for Obama Care to pay for itself it needs over 7 million people to enroll before March 1st to be a financially viable program. In order to reach that number, Obama Care would need 46,358 people a day to sign up.


Few reasons to sign up

Even with the website being fixed few Americans want Obama Care. Like the old saying goes “if it isn’t broken why fix it” Meaning why switch health care plans when many people are currently satisfied with the plan they have now.  Once people make the switch either by choice or their current plan was take away the premiums seem to be almost twice as high further discouraging the public for enrollment.


Key claims not true

The most important claims used to sell Obama Care the American public have turned out not to be true.


 ‘Premiums will go down’


 ‘You can keep your health plan’


 ‘You can keep your doctor’     


 ‘No death panels’


Obama Care needs to do a lot better in building up it’s already smeared impression it has given to the American people. Hopefully with some tweaking and hard work American’s first impression of Obama Care will not be their last.

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